GORATECH IBERIAN SL is a manufacturing company of components for air conditioning and Industrial Refrigeration, versatile and always focused on innovation and customer satisfaction.


40 years have passed that Mr.Torrecilla foundation, in order to contribute his knowledge and philosophy to the world of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

GORATECH’S philosophy has been kept the same since its beginning. Quality, warranty and personalized services have been the main milestones of GORATECH’s philosophy.


GORATECH´s adaptation to specific customers’ demands such as products and manufacturing processing have made us develop and thrive us a company. Nowadays GORATECH is able to fulfill all customer needs and requirements thanks to its resources and knowledge.


Currently GORATECH is present in over 20 countries in all four continents. GORATECH products are used by the main Refrigeration and Air Conditioning manufacturers.


GORATECH´s future is aimed to continue growing, adapting to constant changes in the market therefore satisfying our customer needs.


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